We’re recruiting again – our fourth bootcamp kicks off on April 22

The Bayford Foundation

It’s full steam ahead at The Bayford Foundation in the countdown to our fourth bootcamp which gets underway on April 22 and runs for eight weeks.

Our dynamic journey has seen us recruit 13 new employees to date and it’s been fantastic to celebrate the achievements of our latest graduates from our third successful bootcamp.

Our pioneering foundation which creates long term telesales jobs in the energy industry invests up to £5,000 to put each recruit through our training programmes – and pays them while we train them.

Successful candidates are earning a minimum £16k annual salary with our BE Fuel Cards team which runs the foundation – with the potential to ramp up their earnings as they move forward with the business.

Providing a structured learning programme the training also integrates a more holistic and ‘fun approach’ via our workshops on voice training, yoga and finance. Working with wonderful partners including the Princes Trust and the Hunslet Club has enabled us to recruit using non-traditional methods.

Our fabulous foundation is regularly profiled in the media, including the Yorkshire Post with our Bayford Foundation leader June Forsyth urging people to get involved. Says June: “We’re recruiting people who may never have worked before, or don’t have any qualifications.

“So while in the past we would have looked at people’s CVs and thought they sounded good on paper and got them in for an interview, now the CV is important but it’s not the be-all and end-all. What we’re trying to do is have a completely unblinkered look at everybody and see people for who they are and not what the piece of paper says about them.”

The Bayford Foundation is open to everyone, regardless of where you hail from – and what you have previously achieved, or not achieved. The common factor binding you is your passion and commitment to unleash your full potential.

We operate an equal opportunity employment practice and we will consider anyone from any background provided that person is willing to work hard and learn.

To find out more about our opportunities please get in touch with us by visiting our website on http://www.bayfordfoundation.co.uk,  call 0113 202 5129 or fill in our contact form.

3 thoughts on “We’re recruiting again – our fourth bootcamp kicks off on April 22

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