10 reasons to come on board with the Bayford Foundation

Richard McCann, June Forsyth, Bayford Foundation, South Leeds Life

L to R: Richard McCann – Inspirational speaker, June Forsyth – Leader of the Bayford Foundation, Jeremy Morton – Editor of South Leeds Life, Jacqueline Pfumojeno – Bayford Foundation graduate.

In the lead up to our fourth bootcamp which kicks off on April 22 we’ve come up ten fantastic reasons why you should come on board with the foundation which has created 13 jobs to date.

The selection of comments below are taken from our trainees, graduates, employees and the media we’ve been working with.

  1. “The aim of the Bayford Foundation is to give the trainees, all of whom were previously out of work, a once in a lifetime chance to overcome adversity and be the best that they can be.” – Richard McCann, inspirational speaker
  2. “With this company there is a career to be made and actually you can build yourself up and go where you want to go unlike a dead end job. You are not another number, in this company you are actually something.” – Waqas Khan, Bayford Foundation graduate.
  3. “I used to think I was lazy but I realised that was because I didn’t enjoy what I was doing, whereas with this I enjoy it so much. I’ve already recommended the Bayford Foundation to a number of people – it’s such a great prospect!” – Luke Storey, Bayford Foundation graduate.
  4. “Those who join the training course get paid for their time and it costs the Foundation around £5,000 to put each person through the programme.” – Chris Bond, Yorkshire Post feature writer.  
  5. “It is good to see a business offering genuine opportunities and a step up to people in their community.” – Jeremy Morton, South Leeds Life.
  6. “I’m blown away by the Foundation and working here – and feel truly blessed each day I walk through the door. The Foundation is a beacon in every sense of the word and is transforming lives.” – Alan Placid, Mentor at the Bayford Foundation.
  7. “We’re looking for sparkly people – because sparkly people create sparkly businesses.” – Ros Shaw, Head of Sales at the Bayford Foundation.
  8. “At Bayford it is fantastic to meet a variety of people from different backgrounds” – Matt Taylor, Bayford Foundation graduate.
  9. “The Foundation is fantastic – everyone is really friendly and we all worked together as a great, supportive team. It’s an excellent place to be, the minute you come inside the door – it’s going to make a difference.” – Jacqueline Pfumojeno, Bayford Foundation graduate.
  10. “The foundation is seeking people with passion, commitment and a ‘can-do’ attitude who would love the opportunity to progress within a highly competitive and dynamic market place.” – June Forsyth, Leader of the Bayford Foundation.

To find out more about our opportunities please get in touch with us by visiting our website on http://www.bayfordfoundation.co.uk,  call 0113 202 5129 or fill in our contact form.

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