Why we’re backing The Prince’s Trust #togetherwecan campaign

Princes trust

The Bayford Foundation is a proud supporter and partner of the Princes Trust which has been invaluable in helping us to source candidates via non-traditional routes.

We therefore jumped at the opportunity to promote its Learn the Hard Way campaign which urges bosses to consider young people from disadvantaged backgrounds – a call to action which resonates with the Foundation’s ethos.

LinkedIn plays a vital role in this powerful campaign where a hard hitting video highlights the hardships – such as homelessness, abuse and caring for alcoholic parents – that young adults who have suffered traumatic childhoods face.

Research conducted by the Trust revealed that people who suffered from such traumas during their childhood are more likely to find it harder to find a job.

With the aim of encouraging employers to think about giving these young people a chance, the campaign has created a LinkedIn profile for a homeless person called Lois Amanda Clarke who represents thousands of disadvantaged young people in the UK. Visitors to the site are asked to endorse her ‘skills’ which are listed as resourcefulness, resilient, problem solving and fast learning.

Martina Milburn CBE, chief executive of The Prince’s Trust, said: “Although the economy is getting back on track, there are still hundreds of thousands of young people out there who are struggling on their own, from young people who are caring for parents and siblings, to those who are living on the streets.

“Getting a job is pivotal in making sure these young people get the chance to realise their potential. The charity market is more competitive than ever, so we wanted to remind people that The Prince’s Trust helps the most disadvantaged young people, and that by working together, we can reach more young people to help them turn their lives around.”

Please support to the campaign using the hashtag #togetherwecan and spread the word.

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