Getting your foot through the door

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As the New Year begins many people are looking to make a new start, take on new opportunities or and even make a promise to do something different in their lives. For others it’s not always that simple.

The Princes Trust has released information on how unemployment has effected the youth of today. The research involved interviewing 2,000 young people from across the UK. Their findings reflect how youngsters are feeling in the current economic climate.

It is stated that almost a million young people are currently out of work and struggling to find a job. According to the Princes Trust this factor has led to a number of problems; ‘Forty per cent of jobless young people have faced symptoms of mental illness as a result of being out of work.’ Finding a job is never easy for anyone, many are unsure to where they should be looking.

According to the Office for National Statistics between August-October 2013 unemployment for people aged 16 and over seeking work was at 2.39 million. Despite the setbacks and obstacles that some people are facing, unemployment is on the decrease. Office for National Statistics states unemployment is down on the year by 121k.

Unemployment chart

There are opportunities out there; some may even be on your doorstep. All you need is that one break to get your foot in the door!

The Bayford Foundation is a great opportunity to develop your skills that taking you that one step closer towards a job. The training scheme is open to everyone, no particular experience or previous achievements are relevant. The common factor will be your passion and commitment to unleash your full potential.  So what does the Bayford Foundation training programme offer?

  •   6 weeks training course
  •  NVQ Level 4 qualification certified by The University of Derby
  •   In depth training in sales
  • And that one step closer to a job!

If you’re looking for a new challenge in 2014 and you’re an enthusiastic, passionate individual then the Bayford Foundation is for you.  Taking that one step could change your life. For more information on the opportunities available visit or call 0113 202 5129.

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