Why We’re ‘Loving the Learning’ at The Bayford Foundation

The Bayford Foundation, Leeds, Hunslet

Upbeat about learning: bootcamp trainees with foundation Leader June Forsyth (centre, back row).

We’re focusing on ‘all the threes’ as it’s the third week of our third bootcamp and our recruits are enjoying the training and development the foundation is providing in its quest to create dozens of telesales jobs in the short term – and hundreds of long-term job opportunities.

Our third wave of trainees are working hard to enable them to graduate into full time roles in our BE Fuel Cards business and earn a minimum £16k annual salary – with the potential to ramp up their earnings as they progress.
Our goal is to put something back into our local communities – and we also pay our trainees to undergo our comprehensive training programmes.

Here’s a rundown of three key things our trainees have learnt in the past three weeks:

Terry Barker has learnt:
1. The industry
2. The breakdown of the business
3. The different types of fuel

Scott Bannigan has learnt:
1. The nature of the business
2. How to communicate in a business manner on the phones
3. To be open minded

Fiona Jubb has learnt:
1. Not to be late to work
2. Computer skills
3. To expand her capacity to retain knowledge

Chantelle Robinson has learnt:
1. You can do anything if you keep at it
2. The fuelcard business
3. Things are not as scary as they seem

Conrick Stapleton has learnt:
1. The fuelcard business
2. How to better communicate with people inside and outside the business
3. How to use the Customer Relationship Management system

Rob Wood has learnt:
1. New computer skills
2. Communication skills including telephone skills
3. How to follow a routine environment (i.e. getting in for a set time)

For more information on the opportunities available, visit http://www.bayfordfoundation.co.uk or call 0113 202 5129.

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