Why Our Graduates Love the Bayford Foundation Opportunities

Bootcamp graduates: (l to r) Calum Brown, Steve Connolly, Jamie Gormley, Waqas Khan, Jackie Pfumojeno and Luke Storey

Bootcamp graduates: (l to r) Calum Brown, Steve Connolly, Jamie Gormley, Waqas Khan, Jackie Pfumojeno and Luke Storey

The buzz and success of our unique Bayford Foundation continues with a lowdown on why our latest recruits are relishing their progression into full time employment with our BE Fuel Cards team.

We’re delighted to have boosted our team by an additional ten fab employees as a result of our last two bootcamps – with our third bootcamp just completing its first week.

Here’s what our latest wave of graduates have to say about the opportunities we provide:

Callum Brown

“It’s great to be graduating and to be paid for a job where there is a real chance to step up and have an actual career with the company and move forward. I’d recommend that anyone looking for a sales role with a great company joins the Bayford Foundation bootcamps and would advise them to learn as much as they can from the great training.”

Steve Connelly

“I couldn’t have asked for a better way to start the New Year! It’s a fantastic opportunity – especially for someone of my age (55). It just goes to show you that it’s not just aimed at the youngsters. The job will make such a difference to my life, personally and financially. I have a strong bond with the people I’ve been learning with and, even though they are all different ages, I am very glad that we have all learnt together and it’s great to graduate as a team.

“If you really want to work for a great company, with decent money, great commission and some excellent opportunities, get to the Bayford Foundation. Listen and learn during the bootcamp – learn as much as you can and you could be set up for life.”

Jamie Gormley

“I’ve been working very hard to graduate into full time employment. It’s brilliant to have got through and the environment in the office is great. I’ve learnt quite a lot – I’d never really sold business to business before, and am confident about hitting my bonus as well so the Foundation has done a good job!”

Waqas Khan

“It’s such an achievement to be graduating – I feel like I have succeeded and the future is going to be good. With this company there is a career to be made and you can build yourself up and go where you want to go. It’s not a dead end job where you are just another number – in this company you are someone and actually mean something.”

Jackie Pfumojeno

“The bootcamp has been an exciting six weeks; I’ve met new people and had an excellent opportunity to develop personally and professionally. I’ve also gained a lot of confidence and developed transferrable skills – even the way I communicate has improved.  The Foundation is fantastic – everyone is really friendly and we all worked together as a great, supportive team. It’s an excellent place to be, the minute you come inside the door – it’s going to make a difference.”

Luke Storey

“When I find myself looking forward to coming into work on a morning – I know that I’ve got a good job. I used to think I was lazy but I realised that was because I didn’t enjoy what I was doing, whereas with this I enjoy it so much – it doesn’t seem like work. I’ve already recommended the Bayford Foundation to a number of people – it’s such a great prospect!”

For more information on the opportunities available, visit http://www.bayfordfoundation.co.uk or call 0113 202 5129.

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