Why we’re supporting the inspirational See Potential campaign

As a trailblazer of ethical and values-driven recruitment and development, we’re proud to sign up to the government’s inspirational See Potential campaign.

The programme encourages employers to recognise the potential within people – regardless of their background – and to hire from disadvantaged groups. They include the long-term unemployed, ex-offenders, care leavers, recovering addicts, the homeless people, single parents – and military veterans.

By strengthening their workforces with such talent, an overwhelming number of inclusive employers report improved business wins, raised morale and skills levels – as well as enhanced reputation.

The programme, which focuses on ex-offenders in November, is supported by big names in business like Sir Richard Branson and over 100 employer organisations. It is endorsed by the Confederation of British Industry (CBI), Federation of Small Business (FSB), CIPD, Prince’s Trust and The Big Issue.

The Right Fuelcard Company (TRFC), which drives our Foundation, was a pioneer of this inclusive approach to recruitment and we sustain our ongoing commitment to creating opportunities for those that other organisations have given up on.
Our ethos is to look beyond every jobseeker’s personal situation to identify talents and attitudes that can be developed.

Our values and commitment are reflected in us recently scooping the Diversity award in The Yorkshire Post’s Excellence in Business Awards 2017, where we were also shortlisted in the Outstanding Employer category.

The accolade is a fantastic endorsement for our unique recruitment and training programme – which taps into the skills of people, including ex-offenders, that other employers reject – and has ensured a highly diverse workforce.

We were also highly commended in the SME of the Year category of the Employment Related Services Association (ERSA) Employability Awards 2017 after being nominated by our partner Novus. The accolades celebrate and recognise the achievements of employers who support people into work and look beyond traditional barriers such as a criminal record.

We’ve also scooped a bronze award from the MOD’s Armed Forces Covenant Employer Recognition Scheme (ERS). The vibrant programme recognises UK employers’ commitment to support defence personnel – awarding accolades for companies who help to develop those who serve – or have served – in the Armed Forces.

Bayford Foundation manager, Nick Elletson, said: “The See Potential campaign is wholly aligned with our values and alternative recruitment strategy and we are delighted to get on board the campaign for the second consecutive year.

“Through the programme we can help to spread the word among fellow employers about harnessing the positive contributions of those who have found themselves marginalised and excluded. Drives such as this are essential to promote diversity and inclusivity among those who make hiring decisions and the wider society.”

For more information on The Bayford Foundation and job opportunities available, visit http://www.bayfordfoundation.co.uk or call 0113 202 5129.

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