Why we’re crediting Sherelle with a ‘Senior’ role


Double ‘congratulations’ are in order as Sherelle Senior is promoted from credit junior to credit controller – and attains her Level 3 CICM diploma in Credit Management.

Sherelle’s achievements with The Right Fuelcard Company, which manages our Foundation, reinforce how our trailblazing training and development programme continues to pay dividends.

We were delighted to support Sherelle in her course which she studied at Park Lane College, undertaking four modules in accountancy, business environment, business law and credit management.

The development is part of a wider £31k investment programme undertaken in the last 18 months to further develop our nine-strong TRFC management team.

Sherelle’s studies included learning how to compile a set of accounts. The course also focused on the modern business environment and how a company is structured and set up, as well as the peaks and troughs of the wider economic landscape and how challenges such as recessions impact on it.

Her diploma complements the wealth of experience she has gained in our Credit Control Department – boosting her knowledge, confidence and effectiveness. Equipped with a valuable insight into the liabilities and ramifications of credit control, the learning has also boosted her awareness about relevant legal rulings and landmark cases.

Sherelle, who joined us in 2014, enthused: “The training made me feel appreciated and I love being part of such a successful company which continues to go from strength to strength and develops, coaches and mentors its staff. My line manager, Steven Kershaw, who is our Credit Manager, has been really supportive and I look forward to integrating what I’ve learnt to add even more value to the business”

Said Steve: “Sherelle’s promotion and diploma achievements are well deserved, and we’re thrilled with her success. TRFC’s investment in her studies reflects the company’s ethos of ‘looking after the people who look after the business.’ We wish Sherelle continued success.”

TRFC was recently honoured with the Diversity award in The Yorkshire Post’s Excellence in Business Awards 2017, where it was also shortlisted in the Outstanding Employer category.

For more information on The Bayford Foundation and job opportunities available, visit www.bayfordfoundation.co.uk or call 0113 202 5129.

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