How to prepare for an interview in ten steps



We regularly conduct interviews at The Bayford Foundation – a pioneering programme which has recruited 13 new employees from our ‘earn as you learn’ bootcamps.

It is completely normal to feel nervous before an interview – everyone does. The best way to manage your nerves is to prepare, prepare, prepare!

We hope the following tips will help you combat those nerves:

  • Do your own research into the company – you will be expected to have an understanding of what the organisation does, so find out how long have they been operating, what is it that they do, who their customers are etc. Conducting this level of research not only helps you in the interview, it also shows the interviewer that you really want the job.
  • Learn as much as you can about the role – what will be required of you? What are the working hours? What will the team structure be?
  • Think about how your own skills and experience fit into the role – what things have you achieved or done in your previous jobs or even in your personal life that ties into the role.
  • Think about the questions that the interviewer may ask you – why do you want this job? What can you bring to the role? What previous experience do you have?
  • Have some real life examples ready that you can use to demonstrate your skills – don’t just tell the interviewer what you can do, use actual examples to show them. Whether it’s telling them about a scenario where you demonstrated great customer service or mentioning how you dealt with a difficult situation; each example gives you a chance to show the real you.
  • Write down some questions you could ask the interviewer – these can range from the predictable ‘how would you describe the role?’ or ‘how many people work in this office?’ through to slightly quirkier questions such as ‘what do you like about working here?’ or even ‘what would you change about working here?’
  • Know where you are going – get directions and work out how long it will take you to reach the venue and then add 30 minutes onto that time to allow for delays. Also make a note of the telephone number and contact name in case you are delayed.
  • Think about what you might need to take – pack a copy of your CV and any other documents or paperwork that you might need. Some employers require you to show exam certificates or ID such as passports, which you may need to locate, so make sure you pack those the day before.
  • Look the part – choose a smart outfit and prepare everything the night before.
  • And finally – try to get to get a good night’s sleep if at all possible!

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