Five steps to interview success from the experts

Bayford Foundation, Interview tips

Having shared some tips on how to prepare for an interview, how to keep your cool at an interview and how to follow up we have sourced five top interview tips below from those in the know.

We hope these pearls of wisdom will help you to clinch your dream role with tips from employees in wide range of roles across the country, as well as our own Martin Pickles, Marketing Information Manager at BE Fuelcards.

1. “Tailor your CV to the each role that you apply for. Always write a cover letter and ensure that it is applicable to the job specifications. It is also key to back up your achievements with examples.”

Martin Pickles

2. “Before any interview make sure that you have researched the business thoroughly and have an understanding of the company’s mission statement.”

Mandeep Khosa- Integration Director

3. “Find out 7-8 key pieces of information on the company and make it relevant to the reasons why you want to work there. Have clear and detailed answers on the question of ‘why do I want this job”.

 Recruiter Amy Wilkinson

4. “Always ask questions, prepare these in advance and refer the questions back to information you have got through your research on the company.”

Recruiter Laura Francis

5.  “Be friendly. Be yourself. And always smile with the interviewer. It helps to keep a good and friendly connection.”

Jatin Wouhra- Food Manager and Buyer

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