Working in partnership: Foundation and the Princes Trust boost career opportunities

Princes Trust

Since developing our job creation foundation in 2013, we have created and maintained powerful partnerships with organisations including the Princes Trust, the Hunslet Club, Probation Service and the Jobcentre Plus.

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Five tips for a fabulous frugal Christmas

Frugal Christmas tips

The average Briton will spend £868 on Christmas this year, but in these credit crunch times who can really afford to splash out so much cash on one day of the year?

No one wants to be seen as Scrooge, however we reckon that you can still enjoy a magical and special Christmas on a budget with planning and a sprinkle of creativity.

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Ten ways to keep your cool at an interview

Job interview, Nerves, Bayford Foundation

We’ve previously looked at how to prepare for an interview, which focused on key areas such as doing your research and positioning how your own skills and experience fit into the role you are being interviewed for.

We’re now moving onto some tried and tested tips and techniques you can apply on the big day.

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Be yourself : storming tips from sales supremo Nicky Pattinson

Nicky Pattinson

Our guest blog is from Nicky Pattinson – an international sales guru turned inspirational speaker.

Nicky has been a supporter of the Bayford Foundation since the beginning, inspiring our recruits to be the best they can be at the ICan event alongside Richard McCann, Andrew Walker and Billy Schwer.

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Top tips on looking after yourself from our inspirational guest blogger and author Nina Joy

Nina Joy

In 2012 guest blogger Nina Joy, speaker and author of The Adventures of a Cancer Maverick, received the shocking news that she had incurable breast cancer and her life expectancy was less than 12 months. Nina could have become just another statistic, but she couldn’t and wouldn’t just sit back and accept the inevitable. Nina felt she had been training for this all her life. She has over 25 years’ experience in financial services and has faced many challenging projects and situations. The skills developed during that time now came into their own. She knew exactly what she needed to do….. defy the odds, even in the most difficult of circumstances.

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Top Telesales Tips from our Pioneering Job Creation Foundation

Telesales, Sales, Bayford Foundation, Tips, Training, AIDA, Lego

As our second bootcamp picks up speed, our recruits are learning a wealth of telesales tips and techniques – from picking up the phone to building valued relationships with customers.

Our third ‘earn as your learn’ bootcamp gets off the ground in January 2014 and our team at BE Fuel Cards is looking forward to welcoming potential recruits to our offices on 6 December at Bowcliffe Road, Hunslet.

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Five Steps to Boost Your Fitness Levels and Productivity

Mike tomlinson, Jane Tomlinson, For all events

Keep on running: Mike Tomlinson

As the runners of our region prepare for charity runs, including next year’s Run for All events, the Bayford Foundation – which champions a work life balance for its employees and bootcamp recruits – share some tips on how we can all boost our fitness levels and productivity.

You may have read our blog on how healthy eating keeps us fuelled for success – now Mike Tomlinson, head of Jane Tomlinson’s For All Events shares his expertise when training for a charity run.

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