Powerful partnerships: spotlight on Novus

The first of a series of profiles on our valued partners focuses on offender aid pioneer, Novus, which has been delivering education, training and employment opportunities to adult and young prisoners for more than 20 years.

A vibrant not-for-profit social enterprise, Novus is the market leader in offender development and employability services.

By improving the confidence and employability of 65,000 offenders annually, Novus is a huge national force for good – boosting outcomes for individuals and their families. It keeps ex-offenders on the straight and narrow and transforms them into positive role models for their children.

We are proud and pleased to have been working with the organisation since 2013. During this time, Novus has signposted ex-offenders to us for trainee roles in our fab Foundation.

Wholly aligned with our ethos, objectives and alternative recruitment approach, Novus has boosted our drive for social inclusion and mobility by giving a chance to those who find it difficult to secure employment due to their situation. Like Novus, we look beyond the circumstances of every applicant, identify their talent and potential, then unlock and harness these.

Novus works within prisons, assessing offenders who are due for release in the short-to-medium term future and preparing them for an independent, crime-free life. Arranging and managing education and training courses that are relevant for their desired career, it then promotes offenders to progressive local employers nationwide from a 60-strong network of sites.

We were understandably honoured and delighted when Novus nominated ourselves and The Right Fuelcard Company, which runs our Foundation, for the Employment Related Services Association (ERSA) Employability Awards 2017, where we were highly commended.

For more information on The Bayford Foundation and job opportunities available, visit www.bayfordfoundation.co.uk or call 0113 202 5129.

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