And the winner is….the grand finale to our fantastic sporting competition

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You could have heard a pin drop as everyone waited with bated breath at the special closing ceremony of our vibrant sporting challenge as the winners were announced.

The Right Fuelcard Company (TRFC) – which runs our fantastic foundation – launched TheReallyFunCompetition a fortnight ago when we divided the team into six squads with six members each.

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Five Steps to Boost Your Fitness Levels and Productivity

Mike tomlinson, Jane Tomlinson, For all events

Keep on running: Mike Tomlinson

As the runners of our region prepare for charity runs, including next year’s Run for All events, the Bayford Foundation – which champions a work life balance for its employees and bootcamp recruits – share some tips on how we can all boost our fitness levels and productivity.

You may have read our blog on how healthy eating keeps us fuelled for success – now Mike Tomlinson, head of Jane Tomlinson’s For All Events shares his expertise when training for a charity run.

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