We’re hiring highly motivated sales people – do you fit the bill?

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Our recruitment campaign to find fab telesales people is storming ahead and it’s great to hear the news that ONS statistics out this month revealed that unemployment is at 6.2% – its lowest since 2008.

As a Telesales Executive working for a rapidly expanding business, which is proud to be listed in the Insider Growth 100, you will be working for one of the major players in the UK fuel card industry.

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How to soar to new heights with a positive attitude

 Positivity Montage

Attitude counts for a lot at our groundbreaking Bayford Foundation in Hunslet where we equip our trainees and with fantastic skills and knowledge-based training programmes in the energy industry.

In a UK first, our foundation, run by BE Fuel Cards, takes recruits from all walks of life – and of all ages – and puts them through boot camp development programmes in Telephone Sales. Our ‘earn as you learn’ way of doing things means we also pay them while we train them.

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Why We’re ‘Loving the Learning’ at The Bayford Foundation

The Bayford Foundation, Leeds, Hunslet

Upbeat about learning: bootcamp trainees with foundation Leader June Forsyth (centre, back row).

We’re focusing on ‘all the threes’ as it’s the third week of our third bootcamp and our recruits are enjoying the training and development the foundation is providing in its quest to create dozens of telesales jobs in the short term – and hundreds of long-term job opportunities.

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Why Our Graduates Love the Bayford Foundation Opportunities

Bootcamp graduates: (l to r) Calum Brown, Steve Connolly, Jamie Gormley, Waqas Khan, Jackie Pfumojeno and Luke Storey

Bootcamp graduates: (l to r) Calum Brown, Steve Connolly, Jamie Gormley, Waqas Khan, Jackie Pfumojeno and Luke Storey

The buzz and success of our unique Bayford Foundation continues with a lowdown on why our latest recruits are relishing their progression into full time employment with our BE Fuel Cards team.

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Dos and Don’ts: Telesales Tips Part 2 from our Fab Job Creation Foundation

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Following on from our previous top tips we wanted to share with you a wealth of great advice on how to be a telesales supremo.

Having covered the Attention, Interest, Desire and Action (AIDA) formula on how outbound calls should be well planned and carried out in sequence, below is a breakdown of the Do’s and Don’t’s of a telesales call.

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Recruitment Countdown – Have You Got What it Takes?

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New Recruits: L to R: Callum Brown, Steve Connelly, Waqas Kahn, Jacqueline Pfumojeno, Anthony Brownridge, Jamie Gormley, Luke Storey, Gareth Buckley, John Myers

With our third bootcamp for the Bayford Foundation due to start in January 2014, our team at BE Fuel Cards is looking forward to welcoming potential recruits to our information sessions on 6 December.

Potential employees are invited to our offices in Bowcliffe Road, Hunslet where we are hosting two information sessions at 10.30am and 12.30pm – to hear more about the opportunities available.

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We’ve Launched Our Second Bootcamp and Have More Jobs up for Grabs

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The foundation’s new recruits, with recent graduates (front row), project leader June Forsyth (1st row right) and Mark Kilvington, director of BE Fuel Cards (back row left).

We’re marking a landmark week where our fab Foundation – spearheaded by our Hunslet based BE Fuel Cards team – has promoted four of our recruits into full time employment – and launched a second bootcamp with thirteen trainees.

Creating dozens of short term jobs and hundreds of long-term career opportunities, we are investing up to £5,000 to put each recruit through our training programme and paying them a salary for the duration. Successful candidates will be awarded a recognised qualification from The University of Derby.

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