Dos and Don’ts: Telesales Tips Part 2 from our Fab Job Creation Foundation

Telesales, Bayford Foundation, Sales

Following on from our previous top tips we wanted to share with you a wealth of great advice on how to be a telesales supremo.

Having covered the Attention, Interest, Desire and Action (AIDA) formula on how outbound calls should be well planned and carried out in sequence, below is a breakdown of the Do’s and Don’t’s of a telesales call.

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Top Telesales Tips from our Pioneering Job Creation Foundation

Telesales, Sales, Bayford Foundation, Tips, Training, AIDA, Lego

As our second bootcamp picks up speed, our recruits are learning a wealth of telesales tips and techniques – from picking up the phone to building valued relationships with customers.

Our third ‘earn as your learn’ bootcamp gets off the ground in January 2014 and our team at BE Fuel Cards is looking forward to welcoming potential recruits to our offices on 6 December at Bowcliffe Road, Hunslet.

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