Why sustainability can drive business success


by Elizabeth Edgington, head of marketplace sustainability, Business in the Community (BITC), England East

Companies who embrace sustainability and who act responsibly have the edge in business.

They tend to be stronger, healthier and trusted by stakeholders, with robust balance sheets and ambitious growth plans.

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Beating the winter blues: five tips for coping with SAD – guest post

Winter Blues, Seasonal Affective Disorder

When the clocks go back many of us may feel the urge to retreat under our duvets. For around two million people in the UK who suffer with Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD), coping with the winter months is a real challenge.

SAD is a form of depression that affects people during a particular season, although most people experience it over the winter when it is colder and there is less natural light. Almost 20% of people in the UK experience SAD with 2% suffering from extreme symptoms that can make everyday living unbearable.

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Schools Out – 5 tips for taking the stress out of the school holidays


TouchstoneGuest Blog by Touchstone

The schools are breaking up and children’s excitement is mounting at having 6 whole weeks without school.

But what about the parents? For some the summer holidays can be stressful, exhausting – and expensive.

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7 steps to develop a habit for good health – guest blog post from Touchstone

steps, exercise, bayford foundation

At the Foundation, we’re great believers in the importance of a work/life balance.

If adopting a healthy lifestyle sounds appealing to you, we’ve got an inspirational story from local mental health charity Touchstone to galvanise you into action!

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How volunteering boosts health, confidence and employability skills

Nafisa Miraf, Touchstone Volunteers Project

Nafisa Miraf, Touchstone Volunteers Project

Guest blog by Nafisa Miraf, Touchstone Volunteers Project

A new survey to mark national Volunteers’ Week reveals that four in five people say volunteering boosts health while six out of 10 individuals report that giving up time to help a good cause helps to reduce stress.

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How to lift your mood – quickly!


We’re always looking to recruit and employ positive and upbeat people at our foundation and you may have read our posts on keeping positive, fitness tips and healthy eating ideas.

‘Can do’ people are great for boosting business morale and effectiveness and our guest blog is from Jane Bytheway – a success coach who works with business owners, managers and their teams, helping them achieve real results.

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