We’re celebrating Nick’s three fantastic years with the Foundation!


Our Foundation has evolved and developed in three busy years since our Bayford Foundation  manager, Nick Elletson came on board.

To mark the occasion, we took Nick down memory lane and asked him about the highlights across 2014-2017.

Why did you join the Foundation?

My background is sales and call centres and I was working in a very corporate organisation, but looking to return to a smaller business where I could make a difference. I knew The Right Fuelcard Company (TRFC) business director, Adam Walsh and he inspired me as much as the Foundation’s groundbreaking work. Although I had no formal training experience, Adam thought I’d be suited to develop other people’s talent and skills – and I jumped at the chance.

What achievements are you most proud of?

Being invited to Buckingham Palace by the Prince’s Trust, with whom we work very closely, was a massive highlight that I will remember forever.

Another highlight was attending the Sunday Times Awards dinner, when TRFC, which runs our Foundation, was presented with a Developing Potential Award for the Foundation’s pioneering work in unlocking the untapped potential of disadvantaged people and giving them a fulfilling future.

I’m also proud of achieving my CIPD Level 5 diploma in HR Management. This was encouraged and paid for by the company as part of its policy to maximise the opportunities for career progression via the classroom.

What insights have you gained?   

All preconceptions about people have vanished, as I know that they add up to much more than their circumstances. Just because someone is disadvantaged, has made mistakes or arrives with no experience doesn’t mean they can’t contribute massively.

Have there been any other highlights?

It sounds corny, but it’s all a highlight, really. Not a day goes by that I don’t want to be here – although the challenges have brought a few grey hairs!

Why is your team so special?

Because we are all committed to working towards what we believe is a fantastic common goal. This promotes enthusiasm and determination to do right by our trainees. I consider my team to include our many fantastic external partners, who have referred so much major talent to us over the past three years.

For more information on The Bayford Foundation and job opportunities available, visit www.bayfordfoundation.co.uk or call 0113 202 5129.

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