How – and why – our training programme transforms lives

Major impact: Jessica, (1stleft) with TRFC Sales Manager, Shubbi Seehra (3rd left), Foundation Manager, Nick Elletson (3rd right) and fellow team members.

One of our main aims is to unleash the potential of all employees – empowering them to embrace new skills and gain confidence.

We’re very proud of our culture, which looks beyond an individual’s situation – identifies inner talent and gives them career opportunities via our pioneering Bayford Foundation.

Our recent Foundation graduates include Jessica Rawling, 19, who embarked on our training programme before joining The Right Fuelcard Company (TRFC) where she now sells fuel cards to businesses across the UK.

Having studied an NVQ in Health and Beauty and completed a business course with the Prince’s Trust, Jessica was volunteering for charities while job searching.

She was introduced to our Foundation by our community partner, Street League, who recommended her for an interview with our Foundation Manager, Nick Elletson.

Starting as a data cleanser in August 2016, Jessica quickly found her self-assurance boosted by bespoke one-on-one training with TRFC Sales Manager Shubbi Seehra and TRFC Development Trainer, Vicky Mawson.

She says: “The programme was very supportive, with information delivered clearly and plenty of opportunity to ask questions and really ensure understanding. The reassurance of having an encouraging trainer sit with you as you get to grips with the IT and make your first customer calls is fantastic and really inspired me to make progress.

“This training and development had a major impact on my life because apart from advanced computer skills, I can now speak to people with far more confidence. I had a very bad stutter and six months ago, could not have talked to anyone I didn’t know on the ‘phone. The support I received at the Foundation helped see it off and I now happily engage with customers throughout the day.”

Nick Elletson adds: “The biggest barrier to success is often a lack of self-belief. We always start with the view that our trainees possess the abilities for a career in sales, but that they sometimes need help unlocking their talents.”

We’re always on the lookout for great people to join our training programme, which could lead to a full time role with The Right Fuelcard Company. For more information on The Bayford Foundation and job opportunities available, visit or call 0113 202 5129.


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