A chat with one of our latest trainees about her exciting first week


Georgina Watson, 23, is among our latest new recruits to settle into the Foundation. We grabbed five minutes with her to glean an insight into her fast moving first week as a data cleanser with our busy team.

How did you come to be employed by the foundation?

I was introduced by Interserve, which provides skills, education and employment services and works closely with the Foundation. I had an icebreaker chat with Foundation Manager, Nick Elletson, at their offices, then I was invited up to Hunslet for a formal interview with Nick and data inputter, Chantelle Robinson and I was offered the job a week later.

What is your background?

I’m from Wakefield and worked in customer service in an employment agency and a delivery service before being unemployed for a year.

What appealed to you about working with the Foundation?

I was very impressed with the working environment and welcoming atmosphere as I was shown around. Also, it became clear that Nick and Chantelle had done their homework on me. Attention to detail like that at the interview stage is a good sign of an employer’s professionalism.

What did you learn in your first week?

The first day was all about gaining a thorough background on the company and learning about fuel cards – a new world for me. We then moved to ‘phoning customers and I was asked to develop and run with my own introduction.

What did you find most interesting and enjoyable?

The friendly and helpful team –  I was really nervous but everybody was very encouraging and quickly put me at my ease. They all offered to help any time I needed it – and you really could go to them with any questions or problems without feeling that you were being a nuisance.

What did you find most challenging?

The run up to ‘flying solo’ and making that first ‘phone call was a little nerve racking and the IT system looked complicated, but it turned out to be very user friendly once I was shown how to operate it properly.

How helpful have the team been in helping you to settle in?

Extremely supportive and patient. The preparations before I made my first calls were very thorough and Chantelle sat with me to give me confidence. I was unsure of myself at first and needed that extra bit of help, but they were very understanding and let me proceed at my own pace.

What are you looking forward to learning about ?

Perfecting my telephone manner with customers and applying what I’ve been taught to do a great job as data cleanser. The Bayford Foundation and The Right Fuelcard Company, which runs our foundation, are clearly very good employers and I hope I can move on to develop a career with TRFC’s sales team.

For more information on The Bayford Foundation and job opportunities available, visit www.bayfordfoundation.co.uk or call 0113 202 5129.

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