Why we’re helping inmates to become workmates

Our foundation manager, Nick Elletson, receives many invitations as a result of our powerful relationships with community organisations that refer future staff to us.

Invitations this year have included one to take part in a jobs resettlement fair at Leeds Prison, in Armley.

The event, organised by our valued partner Aspire-igen – the Yorkshire-based social enterprise that seeks to change lives for the better through learning and work – aimed to help inmates approaching release to find work.

Nick joined the Prince’s Trust, Remploy and other recruitment consultants – explaining the Foundation’s work to prisoners and the fabulous training opportunities we offer for people who are ready to stand out from the crowd to show us what they are worth.

Nick said: “The event was a great success with a brilliant turnout and the aim of the session reinforced our deep-rooted ethos of giving opportunities to people from all walks of life – including former inmates. The organiser said we were one of the most popular organisations there – and we were mentioned specifically several times by inmates in feedback forms, and ranked highly among those they hoped would return.

“I’m hoping to follow up with a talk to prisoners, or help them in a practical way – such as with a CV workshop – so we can grow relationships with those working to resettle them.”

Our work with the foundation to help long-term unemployed people and ex-offenders – with no previous sales experience – into careers by uncovering their potential has been acknowledged with a Sunday Times Discovering Potential Award.

It has also been recognised by the Yorkshire Post who acknowledged how our ground-breaking foundation has solved a skills gap over the past few years.

We’re always on the lookout for great people to join our training programme, which could lead to a full time role with The Right Fuelcard Company. For more information on The Bayford Foundation and job opportunities available, visit www.bayfordfoundation.co.uk or call 0113 202 5129.

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