Our latest trainee reveals all about his busy first week


As our fab foundation continues to go from strength-to-strength, we are very excited to welcome our latest recruit, ex-Royal Engineer, Ryan Hartle. We caught up with Leeds lad, Ryan, 19, who gave us the inside track on his exciting first week as a data inputter with our busy team.

How did you come to be employed by the foundation?

I heard about the foundation’s training and employment opportunities from the Career Transition Partnership – the Ministry of Defence’s resettlement programme for departing servicemen and women. Having applied for a number of jobs without reply, I was delighted to be invited for an interview and was offered the post immediately because of my professional attitude and desire to develop my skills.

What is your background?

I have lived in Middleton, Leeds, most of my life. After A levels, I enlisted as a combat engineer and explosives specialist in the Royal Engineers. Although I enjoyed it, the Army was too restrictive for me, with no room to interpret tasks creatively and individually.

What appealed to you about working with the foundation?

A career structure is mapped out straight away that gives you something to aspire to, while the training package is very thorough. Also, it was clear in the interview that Nick had done his research on me, which told me that the foundation really does invest in its people.

What did you learn in your first week?

I learnt about fuel cards, the different providers, their various offers and how they compete – all of which made a great grounding in the fuel industry. I have just started calling customers to ensure that their details are up-to-date and was asked to compose my own script, which acts as a framework for the conversations. It’s individual to me, although within certain parameters; as long as you get the information, it’s your call.

What did you find most interesting and enjoyable?

Learning within the work environment was really useful – you pick up tips from the eight colleagues around you on the right tone and style for your own customer calls. They’re very supportive, build up your confidence and always take the time to help if you have a problem.

What did you find most challenging?

Researching the information on all the different fuel cards and understanding the differences between them.

How helpful have Nick and the team been in helping you to settle in?

Fantastic! I was extremely nervous on my first day, but by day 2 I was fully confident and really felt one of the team. I was encouraged to ask questions, make suggestions and found the work atmosphere reassuring and inclusive.

It’s very different from the Army – there you are told how it’s done without consultation or invitations to feedback. Here, you have the opportunity to make improvements.

What are you looking forward to learning about over the coming weeks?

The customer interaction – I have the confidence to start the conversation, but I need to refine my approach so I combine a friendly, calm, assured manner with professionalism to keep them onside.

Ultimately, I aspire to join The Right Fuelcard Company’s sales team.

For more information on The Bayford Foundation and job opportunities available, visit www.bayfordfoundation.co.uk or call 0113 202 5129.

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