Wild West (Yorkshire) Christmas party rounds off the year with a bang!

Bayford Foundation and Right Fuelcard Company Christmas Party 2015

We believe that if your team works hard and helps you achieve fantastic results, then they should be rewarded. That’s why we finish at 3pm on a Friday, give people a free day off on their birthday, organise days out (and days in!) and why we decided to throw a BIG Christmas bash.

It’s been a momentous year as the business continues to go from strength to strength, and we had lots to celebrate – including opening a new office  in York, being nominated for the prestigious National Business Awards, and our data inputter Khaleel winning the Rising Star Award at The Prince’s Trust and Samsung Celebrate Success Awards.

The Cowboys and Indians-themed party was held at the beautiful 200 year old, Grade 11 listed Bowcliffe Hall, where the events team had built a huge papakata teepee for us. Inside were blackjack and roulette tables and a mechanical bull, as well as real bonfires to keep us toasty while we danced the night away.

Everyone from The Right Fuelcard Company (which launched and runs the Bayford Foundation) came along for some festive fun, and to enjoy the Christmas-inspired BBQ that The Bowcliffe Hall team laid out for us.  Everyone committed wholeheartedly to the theme – leading to some humongous headgear, and ponchos that didn’t pull any punches!

If you would like to join us at our next Christmas party, take a look at our current vacancies, or call 0113 202 5110.

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