Our fab team rises to the Baking Bonanza challenge!

Inspired by the Great Big Bake Off, which crowned the lovely Nadia as the recent winner, we decided to host our very own bake off in our Hunslet office. Although off to a flat and slow start, by the end of the month our team were expert bakers – blowing us away with their (mostly) homemade goodies.

Week 1

We decided to call the first week our ‘practice week’ – seeing as Raz was the only person to bring in a cake! In the picture is our judge Charles, chosen for his striking resemblance to Paul Hollywood, sampling Raz’s Victoria sponge (which later turned out to have been baked by someone at Morrisons…)

CROPPED Week 1, Friday 11th Sept

Week 2

Leanne doubled her chanced by bringing in two cakes! Although her sticky toffee offering was impressive, she won the day with her delectable banana and walnut cake. Chris’ snow cake, a Victoria sponge with marshmallows and chocolate fingers, also went down a treat in the office.


Week 3

Rebekah stormed ahead in our third week with her delicious fruit loaf.

CROPPED Week 3, Rebekah

Week 4 – The final

This was when our team really came into their own!

Chanait wowed judges and the rest of the office with her amazing flower-like bread and Ferrero Rocher cake.


Rebekah baked a flapjack and banana bread.

9 cropped

Shubbi also made some bread, along with a fruity flapjack.

10 cropped

And last but not least….Craig brought in some tiger bread from the shop.


7 cropped

However, the proud final winners were Sherelle for her mint chocolate aero cake and Leanne for her delicious cheesy bread! Congratulations to both of you, and all our aspiring chefs.

winners montage


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