Why strong leadership drives our dynamic vision and expansion

Montage 14 may

Investing in training and developing our team to be the best that they can be is our mantra at The Right Fuel Company which runs the Bayford Foundation.

Embedded in our DNA, this commitment to investing in our people applies to every member of our 46-strong, and growing, team – irrespective of their role – and will continue as we further expand and flourish.

We attribute our success to a potent formula which includes our leadership team’s combined 60 plus years’ experience in the UK oil industry across bulk distribution, fuel retailing, aviation, lubricants and fuel cards – along with our employees’ commitment and ‘can do’ attitude.

From our home, in Hunslet, South Leeds, we have forged highly successful partnerships with fantastic community support organisations, such as the Princes Trust, the Hunslet Club, Probation Service and Jobcentre Plus, to recruit new staff from Leeds’ communities.

Robust leadership and great management are instrumental in identifying, recruiting and retaining promising staff – and enabling them to go as far and as fast as they want on our journey or ‘roadmap’.

Therefore we are delighted to announce that the foundation’s manager, Nick Elletson, together with June Forsyth and Shubbi Seehra, sales managers from The Right Fuel Card Company, have been accredited as members of the Institute of Leadership & Management.

The trio recently completed the two-day Business Coaching programme at the Business Coaching Academy in London.

The programme focusses on how coaching can improve an individual’s performance and confidence by harnessing their own innate wisdom and knowledge.

Nick reports that the experience has delivered real benefits very quickly: “It has changed not only how I will develop and coach my staff, but my wider approach to work and life. The course demonstrated how not to predefine people or situations, but to enter any encounter or meeting neutrally and with an open mind and let people draw on resources and abilities they had only rarely or never fully utilised before.

“I have learned much about how to manage and motivate my team and I think it will also be very useful in my work with the job creation foundation and partner organisations.”

If you would like to be part of our vibrant growth plans and benefit from our training and development opportunities, visit www.bayfordfoundation.co.uk or call 0113 202 5129.


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