Proud to be awarded Investors in People

Investors in People, Bayford Foundation

The Right Fuelcard Company and Be Fuelcards are delighted to announce that both our businesses have gained the prestigious Investors in People status at our first attempt.

Investors in People, which sets the best practice standard for how businesses manage and look after their employees, believes that good people make a great business. And that is our ethos too – and one of the reasons we set up our ground breaking Bayford Foundation.

Fifteen employees were interviewed by the assessor, who commented in the final report: “Recognition should be made to the team for the incredible way they represented their organisation during the interviews, and the care they demonstrated for each other, and passion for the organisation.”

We were praised for operating within the ‘true spirit’ of Investors in People with a fundamental focus on looking after people. The assessor reported that staff are proud to work for us, and that they enjoy being able to sell a ‘genuine product in a reputable way’.

Investors in people, Bayford Foundation

Our integrity and ethics were highlighted as standing out in a sector – telesales – that doesn’t always enjoy the best of reputations. Our fundamental values are important to how our staff feel about their jobs and they enjoy being part of a ‘transparent organisation’.

We were particularly pleased that our employees have a high degree of trust in our leadership, with managers seen as approachable and supportive.

Staff also value the support they receive from each other and working relationships ‘appear to be the glue that brings people together to deliver’.

Gaining the coveted Investors in People is fundamental to our commitment to recruit and train the very best people to help us drive forward the business and meet our ambitious growth plans.

We are proud to be seen as a great employer and a place where our staff want to work. The Right Fuelcard Company is currently recruiting for bright new recruits, so if you would like to be part of a dynamic team and want to work for a business where you feel valued, then we’d like to hear from you.

Full details of the roles available can be found here, to apply, email your CV and covering letter to We look forward to hearing from you.

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