Be yourself : storming tips from sales supremo Nicky Pattinson

Nicky Pattinson

Our guest blog is from Nicky Pattinson – an international sales guru turned inspirational speaker.

Nicky has been a supporter of the Bayford Foundation since the beginning, inspiring our recruits to be the best they can be at the ICan event alongside Richard McCann, Andrew Walker and Billy Schwer.

Often described as ‘unconventional,’ Nicky’s unique technique has helped thousands of businesses transform their sales strategies and catapult their companies to new heights.

At 16 in her first job as a sales assistant in a shoe shop, Nicky sold more pairs in one day than anybody else in one week. She has also taken a market stall selling cookies and cakes from £1k a week to £37.5k a week (within 2 years) 23 years ago.

Having built her empire from a standing start, Nicky’s skills are now commissioned by international brands including such as Illamasqua, Tesco, Halfords and Gosschalks Solicitors to increase sales figures both on a corporate and retail level.

Nicky shares her top five sales tips to transform the way you sell:

  1.    Don’t be scared to have a laugh!!! – MOST are.
  2.  Have an open heart while on those phones – sell YOURSELF – or at least let people see who you ARE.
  3.  Don’t lose yourself in what you do – and don’t become a vending machine dispensing the same service
  4.  Create enough emotive charge to connect you to the prospective buyer. Bypass all logic and fire up your subconscious enough so they buy what you sell..through the friendship with YOU.
  5.  Remain sparky and exceptional – keep going…don’t lose yourself in repetition.
  6.  Give out real emotional to everyone you encounter – it comes back to you in real connection.

You can find more about Nicky and her work visit  or follow Nicky @Hiyaits Nicky on Twitter and find Nicky Pattinson on LinkedIn and Facebook.


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