Introducing Our Mentors Who Inspire and Motivate Our Recruits

Alan Placid

We’re really keen for you to meet our Bayford Foundation mentors Alan Placid and Neil Dawson who are instrumental in our aspirational and inspirational programme to create jobs for the future through our ‘earn as you learn’ boot camp programmes.

Our pioneering Foundation is investing up to £5,000 to put trainees from all walks of life and backgrounds through rolling training programmes – and paying them a salary for their duration. Successful candidates will be awarded a university recognised qualification from the University of Derby and go on to earn a minimum £16k annual salary with our BE Fuel Cards team – with the potential to ramp up their earnings as they progress with us.

Alan has been with us at BE Fuel Cards since December 2011. His first impression is as vivid now as it was on the first day when our MD Liz Slater made him a cuppa and he saw how friendly, warm and welcoming the team are.

Alan’s former roles include working on a drugs rehabilitation project in Bradford. After being made redundant from his next job as a branch manager with a telecommunications company, he moved back to Leeds with his partner.

He recalls: “BE Fuel Cards has been a fantastic employer from day one when they gave me a chance – in the same way that they are giving our boot camp recruits a brilliant opportunity to have a career with a business which will invest in developing them to be the best that they can be.”

After selling BP products for a year, Alan was promoted to a Team Leader position with our sister company The Right Fuelcard Company – and was over the moon when he was invited to be a mentor for the Foundation’s rolling 12-week programmes.

Adds Alan: “As a mentor I help the recruits gear up for the day – encouraging and motivating them to get the most out of the varied training programme. We also go over what they’ve done and learnt the day before, identifying areas to help them improve for an all-round ‘win-win’.

“The breadth and depth of the Foundation’s programme shows how it is about developing the people themselves and opening their minds and hearts to the wonderful opportunities for them.

“The Foundation is creating a jobs legacy for the local community and building long-lasting relationships with community groups. The BE Fuel Cards team running it are genuine and always do what they say.

“Be Fuel Cards and the Foundation gives its trainees confidence and a sense of belonging which I personally have never found anywhere else and which is very special.”

“I’m blown away by the Foundation and working here – and feel truly blessed each day I walk through the door. The Foundation is a beacon in every sense of the word and is transforming lives.”

Watch this space to find out more about Neil and his mentoring role which gets underway soon.

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